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A Day in The Life – Miss Alethea Mahil

Mon 17 Jun 2019

Selling homes is a challenging process and property transactions can be difficult however, with ADM Residential’s knowledge and experience they aim to make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

At ADM Residential, the team endeavour to provide you with a dependable service and if you want to learn how hard they work to support you, we believe you’ll appreciate hearing about a day in the life of Miss Alethea Mahil, Property Valuer and Sales Director of ADM Residential.

My day can begin around 5:00am, first priority – coffee. Then I go straight into business emails, opening and replying, responding to any maintenance and diarising important dates. All before 6:30am and all before leaving my house. We like to respond and review emails as soon as possible so iPads and Smartphones are a massive part of being able to do this. We appreciate that some of our clients work different shift patterns or think of questions to ask at any time, day or night, so we like to be consistently connected to the business 24 hours a day.”

We Welcome Clients From 9:30am

Although Alethea starts work way before any early bird can catch the worm, the workday officially begins at 9:30am. ADM Residential pride themselves on being contactable around the clock which effectively leaves them open for business all day every day.

“The office opens at 9:30am through out the week, closing at 5:30pm (except on a Friday, we work 9:00am until 5:00pm – even Estate Agents need a break!) The team are usually in the office ten minutes before opening, this allows us to catch our breath, catch up on anything new and stick the kettle on. We’re a close-knit group and we believe this reflects in the customer service our customers receive.”

The Business Day Begins

While there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ at ADM Residential, there are some tasks that crop up daily. The first part of the day is usually spent on the phone, sifting through emails, drinking coffee, booking viewings, communicating with clients, drinking more coffee. Whilst the staff deal with these matters along with anything else that could be thrown their way, Miss Mahil delves into the crazy world that is her calendar.

“My calendar is an indispensable tool; my entire day revolves around tiny words booked into a virtual diary. A fast-paced life reflects a fast-paced diary – always in use, continuously updated and regularly referred to. Most people are under the impression that being an Estate Agent means being stuck behind a desk and they couldn’t be more wrong. Where I have the chance to, I always try and pop out of the office to visit our client’s properties and take photographs. We use high quality cameras to gain the best possible images as we feel that property pictures are paramount in ensuring potential buyers stop scrolling through the internet and start paying attention to your listing. Due to having sold countless homes over the years, we know what prospective buyers want to see when they are looking for a property therefore strive to do our best when taking photos that do your home justice.”


Not-So ‘Lazy’ Afternoons

In between trying to grab a quick bite to eat and touching base with her colleagues, Alethea is zipping around carrying out viewings and the all-important valuations. Meeting and greeting clients is a crucial part in any business and Estate Agents are no exceptions. Once Miss Mahil eventually returns to the office, there is a brief opportunity to respond to any emails that may have come through throughout the day. Even though the office closes at 5:30pm, you can rest assured that the work never ends for a busy Estate Agents such as ADM Residential.

“The afternoon seems to be a favourite time for viewings and we also conduct viewings on behalf of our clients for empty properties if it isn’t convenient for them to meet potential buyers/tenants themselves. This is an area where I, and my team, are confident with considerable experience. We want to make the best possible impression on our viewers and answer any questions to the best of our ability. There is a growing demand for out of office hours viewings and I often find myself meeting clients on an evening. We know our vendors and landlords are keen to sell and rent their properties and sometimes, by offering evening viewings, we like to think the additional flexibility appeals to any prospective buyer or tenant. It may be a small price to pay to continue viewings after closing time, however the effort is worth it to help our customers achieve their end goal.”

Burning The Midnight Oil

After conducting the last of the viewings, it is home time – but it certainly isn’t the end of the working day! Online property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market are essential in selling your home, but too many vendors (and agents!) believe that placing your property online is the first and last action. It most certainly isn’t. If your agent isn’t utilising the information from online property portals, you aren’t getting the full story which may limit the faculty to sell your home.

“I scour our listings on online portals, reviewing statistics and evaluating what works and what doesn’t. This information enables us to provide the most effective promotional service for our clients and generates a weekly report that we send to our vendors. After this, I always take time to catch up on emails – sometimes I can reply there and then while other times, I may have to take notes and address the issue when I get back to the office the next day. Like many businessmen and women these days, I have a home office set-up so that no matter where I check emails, I can respond as though I am in the office. On some days, it may be around 2:00am before I shut off and have the chance to grab some much-needed sleep! Long days can become the norm over a six day week but given the expectations and demands placed on Estate Agents, it is necessary to make use of as much time as possible and provide people with the help they require when selling and renting their property. Having said that, the ADM Residential team are here and Always Doing More.”

The average day for an Estate Agent, especially ADM Residential, is a lengthy one but it is fun, challenging and rewarding for every team member. They like to think they make a difference in helping customers find their ideal home or take the next step in their topsy-turvy journey called ‘life’. This is why reading ‘A Day in The Life of Miss Alethea Mahil’ brings about an abundance of benefits to every client.

"Alethea the service you provided was excellent, carried out very professionally. We would certainly recommend ADM if the opportunity ever arose in the future."
Allan Taylor