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New Homes Set For Huddersfield

Thu 15 Sep 2022

Huddersfield could benefit by close to 800 homes in the near future, with property developer JLL purchasing land on the edge of town. The purchased land spreads across 100 acres close to Blackmoorfoot Road, and if the project comes to fruition, it will become the biggest individual housing allocation in Kirkless Council.

While there is still significant demand for property, anything which increases the supply of homes in and around Huddersfield has to be a good thing. As local housing market specialists, we think this is a very welcoming piece of news.

James Mohammed is a Director at JLL, and he has been quoted by the Yorkshire Live website as saying: "The need for good quality housing continues to be in high demand across the region, with supply still restricted, so it is fantastic to be able to bring this site to market in a highly desirable area. The land has a rich and diverse history, which makes it an even more interesting project to be involved with and we look forward to seeing it in the next phase of its evolution. The appetite for residential development land, particularly of this quantum and with planning consent in place, remains extremely high and so we anticipate it will generate considerable interest from regional and national house builders across the country."

Town centre blow in Huddersfield

Clr Andrew Cooper has spoken at length over his disappointment at seeing Huddersfield lose leading attractions in the heart of the town centre.

Andrew Cooper was quoted by Yorkshire Live as saying; “The council don't demonstrate that they gave any forethought to the possibility that we could lose major national retailers to the town. Providing retailers with compensation will not compensate local people for the loss of Boots or WH Smiths. It would be tragic indeed if in trying to improve Huddersfield that the council removed some of the anchor retailers that draw people to the town centre. I am not convinced from the council's statement that they are actively facilitating conversations with private landlords to keep these stores in Huddersfield. It is almost like they don't recognise their importance to the viability of the town centre.”

The Greens councillor concluded by saying; “We desperately need a Huddersfield Town Centre Board with a wide range of councillors across party, business organisations and interested bodies like Huddersfield Civic Society. Dewsbury has a Town Centre Board overseeing its improvements, why not Huddersfield?"

There is no denying there is a need for dynamism in and around Huddersfield, as this will drive employment, the economy, and the local housing market.

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