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5 Tips Ensuring Your Property Listing Stands Out

Wed 22 May 2019

Even though many industry experts suggest there are more willing buyers than vendors in the market. Property listing sites are highly competitive. You only have a few seconds to grab attention, and if a buyer doesn’t stop scrolling and look at your property, they may never develop an interest in your house.

At ADM Residential, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors sell their home, and we understand the importance of great property listings. To enhance your chances of selling your house, here are five tips ensuring your property listing stands out:

1.      Use professional photographs to showcase your home

2.      List your kitchen appliances

3.      Provide details about any upgrades you have made

4.      Describe any eco-friendly features of your house

5.      Offer information about local schools or relevant community information

Use professional photographs to showcase your home

High-quality images are the most effective to stop buyers from scrolling past your listing. Hiring a professional photographer ensures you have staged and stylised photos that showcase your home to the highest standard. While your smartphone is likely to have a fantastic camera, this doesn’t mean you will take the best photos.

Likeable images need to be staged, they take advantage of lighting, and a photographer ensures distractions while removing negative elements from the photograph. Hiring a photographer costs money, but the benefits that come from hiring a professional to take pictures of your home more than justify the outlay.

List your kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the hub of the modern home, and it is a room that buyers pay attention to. If you have high-end appliances in your kitchen or popular brands, list what you have on offer. Describe your flooring and countertops in details, offering as much information as you can.

The description should set the scene of your house for a willing buyer, and providing as much information about your kitchen as you can entice buyers to you.

Provide details about any upgrades you have made

If you have upgraded your home so that it is better than the average homes in your property, provide buyers with this information. Many buyers study average house prices for an area, so if you are going to sell your house for a higher than average rate, you need to be able to justify this increase. Detailing the work, you have undertaken shows you have taken care of your home and that you have made it a more appealing proposition than other houses in your area.

Describe any eco-friendly features of your house

Eco-friendly features make homeowners feel they are playing a part in saving the environment, and they help homeowners to save money. These are outcomes everyone wants, so if your house has eco-friendly features or you have improved the environmentally friendly nature of your home, make sure you include details in your property listing.

Offer information about local schools or relevant community information

While buyers have a keen interest in the condition and size of your home, they also want to know about the local area. Aspects like schools, shops, transport options and other community features influence a buyer’s decision, so give them as much relevant information as you can about the area surrounding your house.

With so many homes to consider, it is no surprise that many buyers scroll through property listings. You need to ensure buyers stop and pay attention to your listings. Hopefully, these five tips will drive more traffic to your listings, but if you need guidance in selling your home, contact ADM Residential, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

"Everything handled concisely and accurately with minimal stress, even when issues arose outside of anyone's direct control. Can not recommend highly enough, "
Ian Barraclough