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Future Proof Your Huddersfield Home

Wed 05 Jul 2023


When considering the sale of your home, it's important to think ahead, even if you're not currently in the process of selling. Given the current state of the market, many households are focusing on ensuring their house meets their current needs while also being attractive for future resale.


A recent study conducted by Hive has shed light on the key factors that make a dream home highly desirable. Topping the list is the presence of solar panels, which was mentioned by 68% of respondents. Additionally, 67% of participants emphasized the importance of good roof insulation.


The study also revealed that 62% of respondents considered a smart heating system to be a significant selling point, while 53% highlighted the value of natural lighting. Furthermore, 48% of those surveyed expressed a preference for a smart energy meter as an ideal addition to their property. Interestingly, 39% of respondents believed that having an EV charger installed in their driveway would greatly enhance their home.


Considering the increasing interest in EV chargers and electric cars, it is highly likely that this feature will become a standard inclusion in many homes. Therefore, incorporating an EV charger into your property could prove to be a wise investment for future marketability.


By prioritising these desirable features, homeowners can enhance their current living situation and maximise their property's appeal when the time comes to sell.


Top 10 most desired eco home upgrades


1. Solar panels 68%


2. Good roof insulation 67%


3. Good thermal wall insulation 63%


4. Smart heating system 62%


5. Energy efficient lighting 59%


6. Smart lighting 56%


7. Triple-glazed windows 56%


8. Good natural lighting 53%


9. Energy efficient fridge 51%


10. Energy smart meter 48%


Gavin Murray is the Hive and EV Director at British Gas, and he said:  "This research shows how important sustainability is in the modern home. It’s clear that Brits are increasingly prioritising energy efficiency in their home over aesthetic changes so that they have greater control over their emissions. And there is true value in making these changes – as net zero technology from solar panels to smart thermostats and EV chargers, is helping customers to better track their energy usage, set schedules and keep costs down. As electric cars increase in popularity, at-home chargers, like our new EV charger, will likely become the norm and worth investing in now

While installing an EV charger in your home offers numerous benefits, it's important to address the concerns some individuals may have regarding this investment. Here are a few common worries expressed by respondents:

Range Anxiety: Approximately 27% of respondents expressed concerns about EV cars not being able to travel long distances without requiring a recharge.

Charging Time: About 25% of participants cited the perceived issue of the charging process taking too long.

Electricity Costs: Worries about the price of electricity becoming more expensive than the cost of petrol were listed by 21% of respondents.

At ADM Residential, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make well-informed decisions in the housing market. We understand that upgrades and improvements are crucial for homeowners, but we also recognise that not every method is suitable for every home or household. If you would like to discuss your options and develop a strategic plan for your upcoming house sale, our team is always ready to assist you.

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