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Poor Quality Photographs Stop House Sales

Wed 15 Jun 2022

At ADM Residential, we take immense pride in ensuring you receive the best standard of service. This includes taking great photographs of your home, something which is essential for us. It also seems it is very important for property buyers.

Recent study shows importance of great looking property photographs

Despite the current market seeing high demand and low stock, there is still one thing that remains hugely influential when it comes to attracting buyer interest and securing the best price for your home - your property listing photos.

The survey was carried out by Giraffe 360, and they spoke with more than 1,300 property buyers who had purchased a home in the past six months. Some of the most interesting findings from the study include:

·         93% of property buyers insisting online photos were an important factor

·         93% of home buyers said good photos were vital in creating a positive first impression of a home

·         94% of respondents said they would be more inclined to arrange a viewing for a property that was promoted with good photos and interactive elements

·         78% of buyers said they would be far less likely to arrange a viewing for a property that had bad photographs, or which didn’t offer interactive elements

Photographs need to create a good impression of property

An interesting point is that 40% of respondents said they wasted their time viewing a home that was unsuitable for them, due to a low standard of photos not providing them with an accurate assessment of what the property was like. Given the demand for property, there will be likely buyers willing to take a gamble, hoping the poor-quality photographs aren’t representative of the home. Sadly, for many, it appears as though poor-quality photographs are an indicator of the property.

62% of property buyers said they would make an initial offer below the asking price if they felt the online photographs formed the wrong impression of the property.

Mikus Opelts, Giraffe360 CEO, commented: “The current market is incredibly competitive and with stock levels remaining insufficient, buyers are falling over themselves to secure a purchase. But that doesn’t mean the basic foundations are no longer important when it comes to presenting your home on the market. In fact, a poorly presented property listing can still deter buyers from viewing your property and those that do may even reduce their offer as a result. The repercussions aren't just refined to those looking to sell and, in this day, and age, any agents producing smartphone photos to showcase their latest stock are really shooting themselves in the foot. Doing so creates an aura of unprofessionalism and poor service and with the advancements in technology available in today’s market, there’s no excuse.”

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