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Re Sale of A Rental Property

Fri 26 Aug 2016

Alethea Mahil owner of ADM RESIDENTIAL Huddersfield says: " preparing a rental property for sale it's important to ensure that your pre-marketing assessment is as diligently applied to the outside of the property as it is to the inside. It's very easy to forget the importance of the gardens and any external buildings but they can directly affect both a property's appeal and its profit potential. During a tenancy outside spaces should be reviewed routinely when inspections are carried out to ensure that they are being looked after by the tenant and that they are aware of their obligations. If the property is being managed by an agent insist that they pay as much attention to the property externally as internally because continual evaluation will mean that the preparation time for sale is much shorter and the property can be taken to market far quicker." 1. Neat, tidy Overgrown gardens will be visually underwhelming, both to potential investors and their subsequent tenants alike, so it's important to ensure your outside space is neat, tidy and trim. Make sure overgrown foliage is cut back, paying particular attention to oversized trees and shrubs that can dominate the space. Likewise, trim back overgrown hedges so they look their best. Win the war on weeds too. An abundance of weeds will reflect badly on the property (and its owner) and give the impression of a lack of commitment and care. 2. Front of house: You don't get a second opportunity at making that important first impression so pay particular attention to front gardens, pathways and driveways. These are the gateway to the property and will be the opening scenes that greet potential buyers when they arrive for a viewing. Remember, too, that external shots of the property are the first things buyers will see in your marketing material." 3. Lovely lawns and well edged. A luscious lawn can really lift the look of an outside space. And the larger it is the more impact it will have, whether that be good or bad. Whatever its size, however, before marketing your property all lawns should be mown, re-sown if necessary, plus de-thatched. If you have particularly damp soil with poor drainage there is a higher chance that you will have moss growing within the lawn but there are many topical treatments available to help remedy this. 4. Flower power is the key Don't undervalue the power of flowers. They add interest, colour and texture to a garden, as well as fragrance and height. Colourful flowers, shrubs, pots and plants, climbers paint a vibrant picture, both for the buyer during the viewing and, on a practical level, for your marketing material. If you haven't got borders or beds, consider adding splashes of colour through the clever use of pots and containers in order to create the same pictorial effect. 5. Fenced and framed:- One of the most commonly overlooked areas when giving gardens a pre-sale makeover are the boundaries, yet they are probably one of the most important aspects. They frame your outside space and are vital to its overall appearance, plus they offer added security to your home too. Poorly defined boundaries can also raise questions about the neighbours, your relationship with them, whether they've got any pets and who is responsible for what. They can also make a potential buyer question what other aspects of your property aren't being looked after either! Assess your boundaries now, ensuring that any trellis, fence panels or posts are secure, wood is appropriately treated and stonewalls are sufficiently pointed and structurally sound. 6. Maintenance matters Many investors will want to see that an outside space will be cost-effective for them moving forward and low maintenance for their tenants too, but always be mindful of the type of property you're selling and the target tenancy. Not all tenants will have green fingers but not all properties will lend themselves to a low maintenance outside space either. This will be driven entirely by the size of the property and its number of bedrooms. Established gardens, for instance, are likely to be attractive to the family market, yet smaller two-bed properties usually benefit from low maintenance spaces where the tenant has to commit less time to the garden. Always assess your property to identify what's going to work best for it and its prospective future tenants." Great gardens... at-a-glance Win the war on weeds Get creative with garden design Make the most of small spaces Cut back overgrown foliage and shrubs Check boundary fences and walls Mow lawns, re-sow and de-thatch Use flowers to create colour and height Re-fresh gravel on paths and driveways Low maintenance spaces are often attractive to investors, but always make an assessment based on your property type and likely tenant. Just a few ideas to help get your property "SOLD"

"Great service very efficient, very smooth process and not a single problem big thanks to adm for a quality service."
Peter Cripps