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Renovate Your Home On A Limited Budget this Summer

Fri 31 Jul 2020

If you have spent a lot of time at home in recent months, there is a strong chance you will be keen to change your surroundings. For some people, this is reflected in a desire to buy a new home. The level of heightened activity in the housing sector since the market re-opened suggests many people are behaving in this manner. However, many people are also looking to renovate their home.

The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your home, and create more space. Many households have re-evaluated their budget in recent months, but there are many ways you can renovate your home on a limited budget this summer.

Try to re-use items from around the home

If you are creative, or determined to minimise your expenditure, look for household items or materials that can be repurposed. Breathing new life into something you thought was no longer of value saves money, is good for the environment and will provide you with a sense of well-being.

Paul Gibbens from the Housebuyers4u website says; “Old materials like pieces of carpet, and tiles should be kept and not thrown out as with a little touch of creativity they can be put to use. What’s already in your home can actually be given a bit of extra life.”

Sophie Attwood from Husoe Home offers some practical advice on this matter, saying; “Sometimes, simply painting an unfashionable piece of wooden furniture in a contemporary colour can have a significant impact on a room's decor. Dining chairs are relatively easy to reupholster too. Lift out the fabric seat pad and recover it with a new fabric that's cut slightly larger than the pad itself. Stretch it across and then staple it underneath.”

Lighting is vital around the home

If you get the basics right, you will find that it is easier to make the most of the home. If you can capitalise on natural light, do so. If you need to enhance the lighting in a room, consider adding smaller lights around the space as opposed to relying on one central light.

Anamaria Pircu from VATRAA Architecture suggests, “Also, pay attention to which time of the day you have the best light. For example, these past few months I’ve had to work from the living room. The light doesn’t come in in the morning, but it does in the afternoon, which is amazing. In the morning I am full of energy, but in the afternoon we all tend to get a bit tired, so an energy boost from the sunlight is very welcome.”

Some quick tips to consider include:

·         Utilise a blend of high-quality and standard products, this will hopefully free up some of your budget for essential or highly desirable items

·         Make sure you look around for bargains and take the time to shop around, it is likely there will be many great offers

·         Upgrade the affordable items, making the most of your budget

·         Colour is more important than the material, so decide on colour schemes that make your home look alive

·         You will find a natural look is very popular right now, and you will find affordable options

·         Focus on value for money as opposed to price, sometimes it is better to spend more money to receive a more durable product

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