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Video Tours Are The Future Of Property Sales…Today

Wed 12 Jun 2019

Given the level of competition on online property portals, vendors must ensure their property stands out for the right reasons. It is essential you provide prospective buyers with a reason to stop scrolling and to pay attention to your listing. Images are crucial in grabbing attention, but with virtually every homeowner looking to sell aware of the power of images, you need to do more to grab attention.

The obvious step up from images is video content. With video content, you allow prospective buyers to see around your home, allowing them to make a more informed decision on the merits of your home. While images are essential when listing a property, some buyers are wary of how accurate or reflective of the house they indeed are.

With video tours, there is less opportunity to shape perception, which means vendors will put more faith and trust in what the video shows them. If a prospective buyer likes what they see from your video tour, they will be more likely to arrange a viewing. If potential buyers don’t like what they see in your video tour, they won’t contact you, but this means you don’t waste time with someone who wouldn’t buy from you.

Video tours draw more people to your listings

One of the most compelling reasons to offer a video tour on your property listing is because people will pay attention. Buyers are curious, and most people will take the opportunity to check out the inside of someone else’s property if the chance arises. Therefore, when you create video content and offer a virtual tour, people will show interest, ensuring you have more people taking an interest in your home.

Not all these people will follow with interest, but it is better to have a larger pool of buyers looking in at the start.

Video tours save time

As said above, if people don’t like the look of your home in the video, they won’t engage you. This reduces the time you waste on people who eventually won’t buy your home while creating more time to speak to people holding a genuine interest in the property.

You can highlight key features with video

If your home has unique features or elements that stand them out from other homes, your video tour can draw attention to this. It is a smart strategy to highlight the most appealing aspects of your home, and video content gives buyers the best chance to see why your home is a great option to consider.

At ADM Residential, we aim to help you sell your home effectively. We take you from start to end, and it is crucial to grab attention from the property listings. Video content provides you with the chance to showcase your property in a manner that appeals to buyers, and which differentiates your property from others on the market.

If you’re looking to sell your home, get in touch with the local experts, and we’ll do what we can to assist you.

"I am currently letting my property through Alethea at ADM Residential. So far I have been delighted with the service I have received, Alethea is fantastic at providing me with feedback and is always in touch with any news. Before putting my property on the letting market, Alethea was great at giving me advice to best market the property and to therefore find tenants more quickly. This is my first rented property and I plan to develop more in the future. Rest assured I will be using ADM Residential when I do so!. Thank you Alethea and keep up the great work."
Ms Nardini