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Buyers Need Information – Give Them What They Want

Wed 10 Apr 2019

Selling your home isn’t easy, and many vendors become frustrated with the process. While a vendor wants to think about their own needs and requirements, it is often best for the vendor to focus on what the buyer wants to see. If you can give the buyer what they want, you become the vendor that buyers trust.

Before they have even looked at houses, buyers have had to review their finances, check their credit score, look for a mortgage and then arrange a mortgage. Buyers undertake a lot of work when looking for a new home, and some will feel tired or bored before they even reach the stage where they will engage with you.

Therefore, it makes sense to make life as straightforward as you can for a buyer. The more information you provide to the buyer, the better regard they will hold you in. If your house can meet the needs of the buyer, giving them all the information they need to feel informed about your property will enhance your chances of selling your home.

Windows and the quality of your insulation

Your windows rank highly amongst the leading features in your house. They allow you to see out, but the insulating qualities of your windows have a significant impact on whether a buyer will hold an interest in your house.

When your windows and walls are well insulated, you retain more energy, your house becomes more energy efficient, and you save money. These are features which make your home more appealing to buyers.

The size of rooms

Buyers are looking for space. While the number of bedrooms on offer in a house is of interest to a buyer, if the bedrooms are of a suitable size for their needs, it doesn’t matter how many bedrooms are on offer. Therefore, you should look to provide accurate information as to the space each room offers, and offering buyers a floorplan is an effective strategy for all vendors.

How much storage space is on offer

Storage space is another hugely important factor for buyers, so make sure you offer this space as and where you can. If you have viewings arranged, don’t fill these storage spaces with items to create more space in rooms. Buyers will inspect storage spaces, and if they are already full, they won’t be impressed. If you need to invest in additional or external storage space to present your home effectively, do so.

Local schools and other amenities

Many buyers have an interest in local schools, transport options and community amenities. Try to offer as much insight into your local area as you can, because this helps to paint a picture of the community. While buyers need to know about your home, they also want to learn about the area where they will stay, so provide local colour as best you can.

What the neighbours are like

You’ll find buyers want to know what their potential new neighbours are like, so if you can offer tips or insight about what life is like on your street, do so.

If you can provide this information, you help buyers form an opinion on what you and your house offer. If some prospective buyers decide against developing an interest in your home, you have saved time and effort. However, if a buyer has the information and wants to pursue their attention, you’ll likely have a buyer with genuine intent.

Selling your home can be difficult, which is why you need support and guidance. For the best help and assistance in selling your house, contact ADM Residential and sell in confidence.

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Jill T