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Heating Tips

Sat 17 Mar 2018

Our tips of the week, when the weather is colder, why not set the heating on low over night so the pipes don't freezer. Try to get your pipe lagged ( this will help if the ground is frozen to keep pipes from freezing) You can set the boiler to a set temperature and use the radiators to regulate the heating better. You still have to ventilate the properties even in colder months to get air to circulate around the rooms. Wipe away the condensation from the uPVC windows and doors. Add salt to paths and drives over night this will clear the light snow falls when your asleep. For heavy snow falls you will need to use a snow shovel to clear paths. We hope these tips help in the month of March

"Alethea the service you provided was excellent, carried out very professionally. We would certainly recommend ADM if the opportunity ever arose in the future."
Allan Taylor