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Improve Your EPC Rating And Sell Faster

Wed 10 Jul 2019

If you are selling your home, you know the market is highly competitive. Therefore, if you want your property to stand out for all the right reasons, you need to provide prospective buyers with a purpose to check your property out.

There are a lot of factors that buyers consider when it comes to property, but the energy rating of the home is a significant aspect. In recent months, the Energy Performance Certificate, the EPC, has been discussed concerning the letting market, and the relevant regulations in that industry.

However, if you want to sell your home, improving your EPC rating can help you achieve your goal. Buyers want to find an energy efficient home because this saves them money. When your home is energy efficient, you reduce the energy you use, and this lowers your heating bills. With energy bills rising and leading utility providers showing no indication of slowing price rises, people need to be aware of their energy consumption and how it impacts their budget.

Also, an increasing number of people base significant decisions on the environmental impact of their actions. Therefore, making your home more environmentally friendly is likely to appeal to more buyers. Now that you know why it is essential to improve your EPC rating, hopefully helping you sell faster, here are some tips on how to improve your EPC rating.

Switch to energy efficient lighting

A lot of people worry that they need to make massive changes to their home to obtain EPC improvements and benefits. This isn’t the case. By switching to energy saving light bulbs, with LEDs being an excellent example of suitable lamps, it is possible to cut your lighting costs by around 90%.

With these bulbs lasting longer, the more expensive outlay on these bulbs is more than justified in the long-term.

Improve the draught-proofing of your home

A lot of heat energy escapes through cracks and gaps in your walls, door frames and window frames. If you want to minimise this, improving the draught proofing makes sense. Affordable ways you can achieve a positive outcome includes placing draught excluders around your windows, putting sealant between your floorboards and even installing a more energy efficient letterbox at your front door.

These are all simple jobs you can undertake yourself, but if you need additional support, call on the services of a professional to drought-proof your house.

Insulate your loft

With hot air rising, a lot of the heat energy from your home escapes through your roof. Studies suggest around a quarter of the heat in a property exits the house through the roof. If you don’t have insulation in your loft, add some. If you have a reduced standard of insulation in your attic, improve it and reap the rewards of dependable insulation.

Add cavity wall insulation

Depending on the age or condition of your home, installing cavity wall insulation could have a significant impact on your EPC. Some older houses which lack this feature lose a lot of energy through the walls and using cavity wall insulation can prevent this loss.

Replace your boiler

Replacing your boiler is expensive, but it can drastically improve your EPC rating. If your home boiler is inefficient, you waste a considerable amount of energy, and you may struggle to warm your home. Installing a new boiler provides short and long-term benefits, so if you have the money, it is an option that is worth considering.

At ADM Residential, we believe you should take every advantage you can to sell your home. If you want help from local experts and specialists, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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