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Levelling Up Funds Will Positively Impact Huddersfield’s Housing Market

Mon 04 Dec 2023

While many people are keen to see the back of 2023, news announced in late November could see Huddersfield go from strength to strength in years to come.


At ADM Residential, we believe Huddersfield has a great deal to offer, but there is no denying improvements are necessary to ensure the local area becomes more appealing to families and employers. This is why we’re delighted to see a range of upgrades and improvements announced for Huddersfield.

What improvements are coming to Huddersfield?

Three separate projects are set to positively change lives in Huddersfield, and we are more than happy to take you through them.

Huddersfield Open Market will be restored and surrounding areas improved

A sum of £16.6m from the Government will see an £18m project at Huddersfield Open Market significantly change the local area. This development has been at the heart of the Huddersfield Blueprint, and the local council has long believed this improvement has been vital to developing a thriving town centre.


If the marketplace is exciting, and it helps sustain the local economy, it is going to help the local community, and make the town centre a more welcoming place to visit. This can only be good for existing businesses, and it should encourage other businesses or retailers to operate in the local area.


With this in mind, it is easy to see why there is optimism about the local economy improving, and this is the sort of activity which positively shapes a housing market.


Cllr Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Finance & Regeneration, spoke about the market project, saying: “This is great news for Huddersfield. The successful bid will kick start our plans to transform the open market hall and surrounding area and bring opportunities for the whole community. “I want to thank all the MPs, businesses and local people who supported us, and the officers who have pulled these brilliant plans and exciting designs together. The awarding of this Levelling Up Funding means we can protect the future of the Grade II* Listed market hall and bring a boost to local businesses in the surrounding area.”


The councillor concluded by saying: “We will keep working to bring investment to all parts of Kirklees and this great selection of ambitious plans will help us deliver the economic growth we all need.”


Close to £50m worth of improvements for local rail network

With £48m set aside to upgrade the Penistone rail line infrastructure, Huddersfield residents should see a great improvement in services to Barnsley and Sheffield. Eventually, the improvements will create faster connections between these locations, which should give commuters more options.


Anything which makes it easier for people to get around, and which provides more options for people or households without cars, has to be a positive thing. As this will make Huddersfield better connected amongst the wider area, it is easy to see that existing residents will benefit, and more people might now place Huddersfield as a consideration when it comes to finding a new home.


Better rail links make a town more viable, and this should see a greater level of demand for homes in the local area. There are also many examples across the United Kingdom of home values, and paid prices, increasing around new train stations and improved rail areas. When more information is available with respect to rail improvements, we’ll be more than happy to inform you of what is likely to happen in the housing market.


Councillor Cathy Scott, Leader of Kirklees Council and Cabinet Member for Transport, spoke at length about the upgrade, saying: “Here in Kirklees, our connectedness is one of our greatest strengths. We not only have great towns and beautiful countryside, we’re also slap bang in the middle of some of the north’s most influential cities – and our rail links help connect us with those cities, with the rest of the north, beyond that, the whole of the UK. The benefits of improving these connections, both to individual residents and to our local economy as a whole, are huge.”


Cathy Scott also said: “It’s also important to remember that this project is part of a much bigger picture in terms of developing Kirklees’ transport system, which will also help make public transport a more viable option across the district, tying in with our green agenda. For example, as Huddersfield is a stop on the Transpennine Route – which is currently being upgraded – there is also the opportunity to connect more people to this and other planned infrastructure projects.”

Jobs are also coming to the local area

Of course, jobs are the vital factor in driving demand, and optimism, and the Government claims the new Investment Zone will bring 2,500 jobs to West Yorkshire, and Huddersfield is set to benefit. The town, alongside Bradford and Leeds, is said to be a key area of focus for the project.


Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, is keen to see this project come to fruition, saying: “We know that devolution is working for West Yorkshire, and this new Investment Zone is further recognition of that from the government. Home to NHS England, our region’s digital and health tech businesses are driving forward innovation and transforming the lives of patients worldwide. This investment is a massive vote of confidence in our top-tier universities and talented graduates, and will help our mission to build a stronger, brighter region that works for all.”


None of these projects will come into effect overnight, so change will not happen straight away. However, knowing there is a better horizon is great news, and there is an opportunity for people to make a move now and be ready for when these changes come into effect.


Whether you want to stay up to date with what impacts local life in Huddersfield, or you want a move, we are more than happy to assist you.

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